Excited to announce my EYEWEAR FITTING TOUR of 2024 in SEATTLE 7/12-7/15

I will be back home and I'm bringing a large curation of small batch, independent eyewear! Heres a perfect time to book a fitting and get #StyledByAGoddess

Locations: Seattle, WA. I will not be doing mobile fittings this time, you will have to come to me in Downtown Seattle at my hotel.

BOOKING DEPOSIT REQUIRED *NON REFUNDABLE*:I have tried trusting the process and it hasn't worked out in my favor, so I will be requiring a deposit for this fitting tour. I Invest a significant amount of time and resources into my eyewear fitting consultation process. This includes everything from reviewing your medical history to measuring your pupillary distance and face shape. I then use this information to curate a selection of frames that will best suit your individual needs and preferences.

Given the level of expertise and personalized attention that I provide, it is only fair that I charge a fee for this service. However, I would like to make it clear that this fee is not a deposit towards the purchase of eyewear. Instead, it is a payment for the travel, time and expertise that I dedicate to each customer during the fitting consultation.

I understand that some customers may be hesitant to pay this fee. However, I believe that the value that I provide in terms of personalized attention, expertise, and quality of service is well worth the investment. I am confident that you will leave my store feeling satisfied with your experience and with a pair of glasses that you love.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to serving you soon.