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A lot of folks ask why I require a deposit to book a fitting with me. I have no interest in being a showroom or a free eyewear stylist to anyone who is just shopping around looking for glasses. I started Eyewear Love Affair with the mindset that I will be aligned with folks who are looking to fall in love with their glasses. The intention during my personalized eyewear fitting experience is to really get to know WHO YOU ARE NOW and WHO YOU WANT TO BE. In getting to know each and every one of the faces I’ve framed, I have developed a true skill that is beyond opticianry…

You could say that a fitting with me is almost a therapy session… We often get deep at ELA. I put the focus on you completely and can assure that you will leave feeling confident and excited about what we’ve done together.
** $30 deposit is for fitting experience ( consultation ) ** 


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